Monday, July 5, 2010


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Revisionist Genealogy 2010


Since the last entry of my

family history, I have learned

a lot of the family tree written down

by recent relatives now passed,

is inaccurate.


This means I am honor bound

to correct the tree, to revise the

biographical pages.

This means I have

been living in the presumption of

a family heritage that did not exist,

at least as previously put forth.


In a way, this feels like a reprieve.

There is new hope of the chance

to retrieve a better tradition,

a new theory of relativity.


We did not descend from an

ancestor arriving on the Mayflower,

unless he came on a later voyage.


Each documented truth removes

me one more step from the

family dysfunction where I grew up;

from the family where I never fit;

and from which I was exiled.

That family remains

in the perpetuated state

of false recollections of a pedigree

that did not exist. Ironically, it is they

who have been disenfranchised.


I am freed by the truth by which

I have intuitively lived, and from this

new perspective, realize

I am the one with a legacy,

to pass on to the world.


To Those who read this blog, I apologize for misleading anyone by the mistaken information I posted here. I am profoundly sorry for my part in perpetuating these errors. I have, however asked others who found the discrepancies to let me know and I would correct them. And slowly, I will do so. My poem above reflects the humor I see in this situation.


The picture of the model of the Mayflower, and the writing about its history came from the 1957 Collier's Encyclopedia.


Writing on this post is the Copyright © of Ruth Zachary, Mistakes included.

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