Monday, July 12, 2010


Additions to the Starr Family Tree Information

If one is trying to research genealogy, you don't dare throw the baby out with the bathwater, because often a thread of actual events remains. I have just entered corrections in the records of the Starr lineage, errors are noted, and some things are crossed out, but most is not removed.
I will not delete anything unless contradicted in several other official sources, which will also be recorded in the hope that I or others can follow these clues in the future.

Many family trees are inaccurate, mine included. The only way to verify some information is to go back to original documents held by official sources, like county registered births, marriages and deaths, cemetery records, land records, various census records, etc.

I have found many obituaries to be in error. In a crisis, who ever was available tried to do the best they knew how.

I believe I may now know ancestors names, maternal family names, where they lived, and dates, when I had no information about this before. Ancestors living in England before coming to this continent are probably my own lineage as well, and I have been given this legacy by the generosity shared openly by other branches.

One really exciting thing that has developed from this search is that several photographs have emerged of ancestors that I never saw, and am lucky to have because they go back to a day when photography had just begun. Most are part of Valencourt and Babcock lineages, so I will not include them here.

I too have so many family photos, like the one above, of Martha Starr, Laura Bower's sister, that I could also share with others in other branches. I find this to be quite wonderful, and much of it is possible because of this digital era we have entered into!

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