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If the names, Starr, Bowers, Babcock, Newton, Gochenhour, Fewless, Valencourt, Liskum, Weaver, or Yale, are in your Family Tree, we might be related.


There may be information on this site which is of interest to you, and I would like to expand this material to include shared findings from others as a means of networking about mutual family history. Contact me in the form under the heading provided, or become a follower on this blog.


Any information you Contribute will be Attributed to you, and if your photos or writing are used on this site, they will be Attributed to the originator or with your name and © Copyright notice.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Memories of an Accident in 1910

This Poem about my great-grandmother Laura Bowers is an experimental poem, in which the left side represents her spoken voice, and the right side represents the voice in her mind. It is written in the first person point of view about an accident in which my mother was scalded. In this I attempted to show some of the attitudes of family interactions, and of course in the end, it is a fictional interpretation of events told to me by my mother, Ava Valencourt Babcock.
Writing is the Copyright of Ruth Zachary.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Starr Lineage Biographical Pages.

Notice to Readers:

These biographical pages are numerous. I will probably have to delete them from this site at some future date to make room for additional information. If you wish to use information published here, try to visit regularly to do so. If you know of others interested in any of the Lineages mentioned in the Family Trees included here, please tell them. I plan to include documents and photographs and other kinds of information that are in my own collection at various times, when related to the lineage I am featuring at any particular time. Registering as a Follower on this site can result in having the posts sent to you at your e-mail address.


I encourage other relatives to contribute to this site for the benefit of all with an interest in our common heritage. Authors, photographers, and other contributors of relevant Genealogical Information published on this site will be attributed with their name and Copyright Notice.

Biographical Pages are Copyrighted © by Ruth Zachary

The Starr Lineage


Family Album 1880s

Pictures were hard to come by

Back in the 1800s.

The first of those were tintypes.

Each was one of a kind.


Usually if you lived long enough

You might inherit your own likeness

as an infant; yourself already fading,

your mirror image sagging,

like memories of

your departed relatives.


Many rare pictures were kept by

their children, and

If someone died young, God knows

who got the photographs.

My mother had a baby picture

of Ethel, but not of her own mother.


You imagine your own collected

Heirlooms will be inherited by

your children’s children, but more

often than not they go to strangers.

A painting by my grandmother Ruth

is owned by Esther’s


I have few photographs of

my great grandparents ancestors;

Starrs or Bowers

before they were forty or beyond.


Pictures of their early homes were

taken as an afterthought

decades after moving away.


Any images I have of them

were taken by my mother

or Aunt Lillian, herself childless,

who ironically became

self-appointed family historian.

She wanted us all to remember.


After she died,

Lillian’s nephew Alfred auctioned

off her hand made rugs; and

sold her collection of old photos

to a stranger for the monetary

division of her estate, instead of

distributing her legacy

of family heritage among her heirs.



Writing is the Copyright of Ruth Zachary

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Starr Lineage


Family Biography Pages


I will post the family biographies I have compiled, to share with all the extended family in our common lineage.These pages explain more about the lives of people than a simple family tree, including pictures, and provides some background for those who never knew those ancestors.


The first begins with the with the Starr Lineage and follows family branches if the information is available.These biographies were taken from family information, letters, journals, family trees, obituaries, and news clippings. It should be noted, obituaries are not always reliable. Not all the information is complete or accurate. The biographies will be posted in the sequence they were written, and as chronologically as I can manage. I will try to assign dates to family names, to make it as easy as possible to follow an order which makes sense. Biographical Pages will appear under that label in the sidebar.


The pages that contain information about living persons will be only briefly mentioned, to connect the name to the family lineage. In many cases names are already public, as in newspaper articles or in obiturary notices, where much of the biographical information came from. Birth dates and addresses will be omitted, and recent pictures as well, to protect the identity of individuals.


The size and number of pages is limited by the Blogger program. I am using the largest resolution possible and hope the information will be fully visible. Click on the image to see a larger view. The hard copies are of course in higher resolution.


I invite others who have more complete or accurate information than is included here to let me know via a message on this site. If others wish to collaborate with this information, I will post it on this site, and attribute the photos and resources and authorship of other persons, with copyright © .
Ruth Zachary