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Levi Burton Bowers, Alfred Bowers' father. Undated. Photographer Unknown.



Note: US Pensioners (1818-1872, Michigan Offic, for widow Eliszabeth,

wife of Joab Bowers may point to documentation of Joab’s service in the Revolutionary War. Revisions in the Bowers Family Tree have been entered.

For the complete changes, look under Pages; Family Tree, Bowers section.

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Joab Bowers Sr /BD(6/2/1745 Killingly Turnpike, Windham CT—)

M. Elizabeth(1rst)(1746-1765)m 1764. 1 son (Born in Dublin, Ireland?

M.Jane Clark(2nd)(1746-1787) m 6/5/1766 Cromwell,Middlesex, CT. 1 son

[5 trees]

( Joab is listed as Jane’s son and that does not make sense as he’s born over a year before Jane married his father—an out of wedlock birth?a mistake in one of the dates?) More likely, Joab is Elizabeth’s son -BD 1765? Did she die in childbirth?

Joab was said to have been born in Dublin, came here with father Joab

who married Jane in Connecticut?

Records:Neversink—just listed as Joab so could be either father or son[1810, 1840 “veteran”] The elder Joab would have been 90.

Early Ct Marriages Second Book Cromwell

Joab Bowers (Irish Welch) Married Lydia Hodge(Ger)

Joab Bowers Jr BD (5/25/1765 Dublin, IRE—DD 1/8/1849 NY) (84)

Lydia Hodge(1rst) BD(11/10/1769 Claryville, Sullivan, NY—DD4/10/1813 Neversink, NY)

M . 3/14/1787 Glastonbury, CT. 9 children.

Elizabeth Brewer(2nd)(1793-1856 MI)

M 6/3/1843 Neversink NY [8 trees]

Records: :US Pensioners(1818-1872)—Michigan office, for widow Elizabeth.

NY Pensioners-a Joab Bowers was a fifer for the Ct line and had a pension starting 4/11/1818

US Revolutionary War Rolls has 2 Joab Bowers, both in CT-one a private and one a fifer

US War Bounty Land Warrants-one for Joab Bowers dated 4/19/1790

Early CT Marriages Seventh Book Glastonbury

Levi Burton Bowers, married Sofia Engrick

Children: James I, Alfred, William, Clarissa and Louisa Bowers.

Levi Burton Bowers(8/20/1813 NY-1893 Kingsley MI)

Sophia Ingrick(1rst)(11/21/1813 Fallsburgh-7/27/1845 Neversink, Sullivan) m 1834 NY

[[Sophia’s parents were George Ingrick(1783 Gerhausen, Germany—5/28/1829 NY) and Lucy(1773) 4 trees]

1James I/J(11/24/1834 Claryville, Sullivan, NY)

Martha Jane Hodge(11/24/1834— )[[[Abel Hodge 11/1/1771 Glastonbury,CT-3/4/1834 Neversink, NY/Submit Mitty 2/9/1773-7/14/1863 Neversink]] 5 kids?

Records:Hudson, Lenawee,MI[1870, 1880 Jas I Bowers]

2 Alfred(10/21/1836 Fallsburgh—3/14 or 3/16/ 1932 Kingsley,Grand Traverse)

M. Laura Jane Starr(7/29/1859 or 1860—8/5/1950 MI)

3.William Calvin(10/18/1838 Parksville,Sullivan,, NY)

Katherine/Catherine Jane Yorks(9/16/1843 NY—4/8/1908 Kingsley) [Katherine and Margaret S Yorks were cousins—both granddaughters of Hermanus and Sarah Yorks] are at least 3 sons

Records:Fallsburg,NY[1870],Liberty ,Sullivan[1880-he’s listed as a stone mason] Paradise, MI[1910]

4.Clarissa Sophie (7/8/1840 Claryville or Hurleyville—9/25/1938 Fife Lake,MI )

Herman Yorks(1835 Claryville—8/31/1912 Fife Lake) Katherine’s older brother

4,maybe 5 children

Records:Denning,Ulster,NY[1860- with Clarissa’s sister Louisa], Fife Lake[1900 with Herman’s brother Benjamin E 6/1828 NY] Traverse City[1910 with Benjamin] 1890 Veterans Schedules(Grand Traverse,MI)Herman was Civil War vet

5.Lucy(10/9/1842 Neversink—8/20/1843 Neversink)[4 trees]

6.Louisa Albertine(10/9/1844 S.Fallsburg, NY—6/4/1940 Traverse City,MI)

George Newhall(1rst)(1842-1864)m 1859

James Straton Wheat(2nd)(1/9/1844 Cochecton ,Sullivan, NY—7/19/1910 Traverse City,MI)[[his parents:Edrick Homer Wheat and Hannah Dunning b 1824]] m 1864. 6 kids. [7 trees]

Records: Wawarsing,Ulster,NU=Y[1870], Callicoon,Sullivan,NY[1880] Paradise[1900], Mayfield, Grand Traverse,MI[1910]

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