Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Virginia Joslin Valencourt and Joseph Valencourt (born Vaillencourt)

New Revisions to the Valencourt Family Tree
Many new additions to information on the Valencourt history may be found in the Valencourt section of my family tree. Much of this information came to me by a friend of mine, Kristina Bain, of Greeley CO, who provided this research. She also located the two photos above from the internet, which I had never seen before. (I retouched the photos) Virginia's maiden name was apparently Joslin, or in one early source, Gosselin. They both were from Quebec, but immigrated to the US
at different times.

The different font styles used below indicate both the original family information inTimes italic font, Arial font for newly entered information and documentation, and bold Arial font indicates comments about discrepancies.

PLEASE, Be patient with the strange formatting that sometimes occurs, which is caused by a conflict in Html codes as written on my computer, which is transferred to Blogger, and which I do not know how to correct. For instance, I wrote this paragraph in the same size font, but it is smaller in the posted version, and numerous automatic indentations occur which I cannot correct. Some fonts were the same when I copied the document, but were mysteriously converted to a new font which will not change when I put in the correction.

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