Copyright Attributions -  photos and documents. My photographs are identified with copyright. Layouts and versions of enhanced photographs, documants, and Vintage Montages are attributed to me with the copyright © symbol. The photographs and writing  as published on this blog represent decades of hard work and financial  investment  in restoration and layout, and are not to be reproduced without permission.

Other known photographers writing or photos will be attributed, such as, “Photo by Forrest Babcock,” or “Collection of Lillian Liskum.” Unidentified photographers will be noted as “Photographer unknown.”

My mother saved many old papers and photos which came into my hands through my father. My mother’s Aunt Lillian kept her own collection of photos, and made many notes on the backs. Before these were sold as a part of her estate, I was entrusted to take them home where I photographed  them with close up  lenses, before returning them to be sold. I kept careful notations of information about those photos with the collection, and as I had them developed, I put the notes on the backs of the matching images.

Another family friend had kept a scrapbook of obituaries of people who lived in the region, and his daughter gave them to me. This was helpful in assembling biographical information about family members, although it should be noted, that often obituaries contain many mistakes, omissions and exaggerations. Biographical information is incomplete, some missing. 

Relatives who wish to add information or present a different point of view  to supplement  information on this site may contact me, via message on this site, with contact  information, to arrange to send their photos or stories, (preferably, well documented) along with written permission to post them. If I publish their contribution(s)  on this site, attribution will be made to that person, with their copyright notice.

The sequence is loosely arranged by year, to tell a sequence of events, of a family evolving through time in a logical order. Dates are relatively close to the time being described. The year or decade of the event written about, is usually indicated. My poems were not written in sequence, and the date written is sometimes indicated at the bottom, if known. Pages cover information about the project.  Labels organize categories of  materials so that readers may look for “Biographical Info,” or “Stories,”or “Letters,” or “Documents,”or “Poems by Ruth Zachary,”etc.

Living  persons  are not named without permission.The poems and  story materials are presented with ambiguity to protect the privacy of living persons. Because the collection of poems is about family, the relationships between characters is often the substance of the story being told and is not left out. Characters are depicted by varied voice, tense, and point of view, so that a relationship described between a mother and daughter could be about any person and her mother or daughter.

Inadvertant resemblance of information to any particular living person is coincidental. Photos may or may not neccesarily correspond to the accounts in the writing even if posted on the same date.