Friday, January 4, 2013


Several years ago I began to search for the family history of several branches of ancestors. With hand written family trees from both my mother and father, a great many photographs, some of which were identified, and some not, I tried to get an idea of what the life of these people may have been like. Even if I had a place where they lived, who they married, what they did for a living, and the names of their children, it was a start. With only brief fragments, I tried to record a biographical sketch of their lives. These are the accounts entered on this blog, under the label Biographical Pages, so that my grandchildren and relatives might have this information as a part of their own background.

I feel extremely fortunate to have photographs of many of my great great grandparents, but not all. Seeing what they looked like for the first time has seemed like a great gift! That is why it is so important for all to share such histories if we have a way to do it. It can mean so much. This Blog gives other branches of my family, who share our common ancestry to have access to this information, as much theirs, as mine.

To contact me, please leave a message on this blog.

I hope that other people  with such pictures or information will likewise share what they have with all who might benefit. Happy New Year! From Ruth Zachary.

Information and photographs are  for everyone, but specific wording on the Cuckoo's Child is the © of Ruth Zachary.

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