Sunday, February 3, 2013


These Photographs of Alfred Bowers were made available by Kathleen Firestone, another descendant of Alfred Bowers. These images show him in uniform, when he served as a Private in the 143rd Regiment of the Volunteer Infantry of the Union Army during the Civil War. He enlisted in August of 1862, and was released in 1865. He would have been around 26 years of age, leaving his wife Mary to manage as she could. A son, Elmer died during his absence, and his wife and daughter Carrie died of Scarlet fever not many years after the war was over.

I have many wonderful images of Alfred as an elderly man, and was extremely grateful to have these depictions of him as a younger fellow, as well. Alfred was Kathleen's and my own  great-grandfather. Thank you, Kathy!

Kathleen is the author of two books of family history, They Came to South Fox Island,  and Swift as a Vanishing Dream. She  is presently working on yet another book, which will expand upon the lives of the Bowers and Starr ancestors, including Alfred and Laura Starr Bowers, and their children. Kathleen is a thorough and accurate researcher, and her books are a great addition to the history of Michigan, and very interesting to read.

Images shown here belong to Kathleen Firestone and are not to be used without her permission. Writing is the copyright © of Ruth Zachary.

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