Saturday, December 29, 2012


When trying to organize information about family history a few years ago, I started with both a family tree and some biographical information. To present a general picture of different family members, I  thought placing pictures, some "cliff notes" with the family information and descendency
would help others to get an idea about the lives of different ancestors, and who these people were.

Biographical Pages about people with photographs and information was the first project. There turned out to be about 100 pages, including people from different branches of my family. I didn't intend to publish the Pages, in the beginning, but just to offer it to my grandchildren. The information on each person included is very brief and incomplete. I have added to it or corrected it when I found bits and pieces. But to make what I have available here, should help anyone else involved in a similar project to add to what I have compiled. I hope what others have done will in turn be made available to other relatives.... and to me.

Upon reviewing the Pages I have previously included on this blog, it appeared this would make what I have gathered on the Bowers Family complete.

Writing and layout is the copyright © of Ruth Zachary. Permission to copy photographs from this site is given to relatives. If corrections to the information are needed, please let me know. Thank you.

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