Friday, December 21, 2012


There are different kinds of gifts one may be given than the usual  kinds we often think of on the holidays.

Above was the unusual occasion of a snowfall on bright red apples, which occurred on October 31 of 2011. I took several photographs of this apple tree in my own back yard, thinking it would make a lovely holiday greeting. So, here it is.

The violin above was made by Alfred Bowers around 1921. I inherited it from my mother. I cherished the violin but in the humid environment of lower Michigan, over the years, it became unglued. I didn't know what to do about it, but could not bear to part with the pieces in the case.

In 2003, I learned my grandson was very serious about playing the violin. And amazingly, his teacher was also a man skilled in restoring violins. My daughter contacted him, and I paid to have the violin reconstructed. Certain that my grandson will appreciate the historic value of the instrument, I gave it to him. Before letting it go, I took many photographs of the violin.

I thought that the photos were lost, with many files that disappeared when an old computer broke down. The gift to me was that suddenly out of the blue, my new computer became able to open the original format of these digital camera files, when it had not been able to open previously.  So now I have all of the violin pictures I took almost ten years ago!

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