Monday, November 19, 2012


 Guy Liskum age 24 and Lillian Bowers Liskum, age 21
 Lillian Bowers Graduation Picture 1904.
 The Liskums lived on this farm property in the 1920s.
Lillian Liskum with her chickens at the Middleville Farm on Yankee Springs Rd. in 1929

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The Liskums lived south of Grand Rapids Michigan in the 1920s. Both of them worked in Grand Rapids to help them to make payments on their property. Guy worked at Luce Furniture Factory,
and Lillian worked as a janitoress near there for a time. They lost their farm around 1930 after the
stock market crash of '29.  They rented a house at Pleasant Lake north of Kingsley in the 1930s.

Some of these photographs came from Lillian's collection and some from Ava Babcock's scrapbooks
like the one above. The two of them often collaborated on collecting family tree information. None of these mentioned the name of the photographer.

These photographs are the copy right ©of  the relatives and descendants of the Bowers family lineage.     

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