Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Great Great Grandmother

Ira Babcock, Rebecca Dillon Babcock, and Beulah Blake Dillon. Unknown Photographer.

This beautiful photograph a friend sent me of a picture found on the internet was such a gift! Thank you to my friend, Kristina Bain, and also the person who posted  it. I have other photos of Ira and Rebecca, but had never seen one of Beulah. Ira and Rebecca were my great grand parents, and Beulah would have been my great great grandmother.

I must apologize for abandoning this blog for so long. I have worked at a job at my church that was taking most of my time, and have reduced my part in that activity. I have also been working on a book that is a sort of history/biography of various family branches, closely related to the content of this blog. This book will be published soon, and I will announce its launching on this site when it is available. I still intend to go on writing blog posts to share the wealth of background materials I have. This photograph has meant so much to me, and if so, how also might my photos and materials mean a great deal to others! It deserves to be shared, and should belong to many, and not only a few!

Readers will notice that I also removed the post about John Stiles Newton. I suspected that information might be incorrect. Since then, I have concluded, at least for now, that John Stiles and  Richard A. Newton, the man my grandmother identified as her grandfather were probably the same person.  The reasons for this are explained in the Family Tree Section of this blog.

I have replaced the previous Lineage information with all I have uncovered during the time I did not enter posts on this blog. The format is very different from the previous Family Tree information.  I wish to reassert  the importance of collecting several information sources when researching a lineage, to verify that the information is correct.

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