Monday, April 26, 2010



If the names, Starr, Bowers, Babcock, Newton, Gochenhour, Fewless, Valencourt, Liskum, Weaver, or Yale, are in your Family Tree, we might be related.


There may be information on this site which is of interest to you, and I would like to expand this material to include shared findings from others as a means of networking about mutual family history. Contact me in the form under the heading provided, or become a follower on this blog.


Any information you Contribute will be Attributed to you, and if your photos or writing are used on this site, they will be Attributed to the originator or with your name and © Copyright notice.

To see the images on this site, click on the photo. An enlarged version will appear, and a second opportunity to enlarge it again will appear as a magnifying glass.Click on the arrow at the top left to return to the main pages of the blog.

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