Wednesday, March 24, 2010


About Biographical Pages-
A series of biographical essays will be arranged under this Label. The information is supplemental to the family trees, with pictures of some of the persons included under this category. Obituaries are often inaccurate, and I have no data at all for some people. It is my hope that as relatives discover this site, they will contact me and send supplemental materials, hopefully with documentation. Any one contributing to this project will be attributed, and if their photos and writing are enclosed, copyright © and date will be included with their name, or the person who originated these items if known.

To organize this information, a viewer may choose a sequence from the Family Tree and file a biographical page in the same order.

The information was derived from news clippings, obituaries and other sources. Enhanced photos, page layouts, and writing on these biographical pages are the Copyright© of Ruth Zachary.

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